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My name is Annette Hyde. I'm a wife, mother, friend and yoga teacher who lives in Madison County, Virginia. My husband is a descendant of one of the county's oldest families. I also have a family connection to Virginia. My ancestor, Cornelius Cooper, who served as a supplier for North Carolina in the Revolutionary War, was born in Virginia in 1730.
I was born in Fort Worth, Texas. I grew up in suburban Dallas with my electrical engineer dad, special education teacher mom and my younger brother, Bill. I was active with the band and the school newspaper at my high school. I graduated tenth in my senior class of over 400 students. I received my BA in Communications/Journalism (Public Relations) with honors from the University of Texas at Arlington.
I first married at age 19 in 1978. I went to college part time and worked at Dallas area banks full time being a teller, opening new accounts and bookkeeping from 1980-1990. I gave birth to my first son, Doug, in 1985. My marriage ended a year later. I became a single mother with a year old baby. Fortunately, my parents insisted I move in with them, so I had a support system and could save money.
I met my present husband at a church singles group in March 1987. We married that October, and we will celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2017. In 1990, we moved from Texas to Chantilly, Virginia (Fairfax County) because my husband's work brought us there. Our son, Joel, was born in 1992. I became a stay at home mom.
In 1995, I took training to become a group fitness instructor and was certified. It was a great way to stay fit, meet people, have time for myself and earn some extra cash. I discovered yoga in 1999, and became a teacher in 2001. I teach yoga now at Powell Wellness Center and Pranapiloga yoga studio in Culpeper, Virginia.
In 2013, we purchased our home and property in Madison. In September, 2016, we moved there permanently. The last thing I ever thought about was running for office...until November 9, 2016. The divisive and ugly presidential campaign and, especially, the result changed me forever.
So in March 2017, I decided to run for the Democratic nomination for the House of Delegates in the 30th District which includes Madison and Orange Counties, and the southern part of Culpeper County. I lost by one vote at the District Convention.
That's not stopping me. With the wave of Democratic victories in the 2017 election, I believe I can help flip the Senate to Democratic control in 2019. I'm running for office again because I care about my friends and neighbors and what happens to them. If I want change to happen, then I need to be that change. That's why I'm seeking the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat in the 24th District. This district covers Augusta, Greene and Madison Counties and parts of Rockingham and Culpeper Counties.
I care about voters choosing their representatives, not politicians choosing their voters.
I care about women being able to choose what they can or can't do with their bodies.
I care about health care being a right instead of a luxury. My husband was "retired" in April 2017. Our only option for health insurance was the Affordable Care Act. It's not great right now, but it's the only plan we can afford until we qualify for Medicare. I'm finding out that people our age are getting pushed out of jobs because of what it cost employers in health insurance premiums.
I care about rural communities getting broadband Internet access and better cell phone reception. We spend $170 a month for satellite Internet service that has a data cap. Because of this, my husband and I have created Madison Gigabit Internet, a project that seeks to combine existing power utility poles, fiber cable and wireless routers to bring affordable, very high speed Internet to unserved areas of Madison County.
I care about public school money being used for private school vouchers. This would be disastrous for our rural schools. Private schools would take our best teachers away and leave children who don't get accepted to these schools without quality education.
I care about the poor, disabled, elderly, women and children and what tax breaks to the wealthy will do to them.
I have my positions, but it is your issues and your insights that will propel this election. I live in a heavily Republican district. The incumbent, Sen. Emmett Hanger, has held the seat for over 20 years. It's time for him to go. If you want me to represent you, the people, in the 24th District, I will need all your support. I'm running for office because I truly care about you.
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Because I live outside of a town, I have satellite Internet. It's not unlimited access, and it's very expensive. Rural counties and electric utilities should work together to find a way to use existing power line infrastructure for Internet access. This is why my husband and I created the Madison Gigabit Internet project.
The Republican answer to grow the economy is always cut taxes and regulations. This same behavior, in the 1920s, resulted in the Great Depression. All this does is make rich people richer. I want to help people in Senate District 24 by investing in them...with job training programs, career and technical education, making community college less expensive or free.
The coming changes of robotic automation and artificial intelligence are going to cause disconcerting changes in job markets. For example: Uber is causing upheavals in the taxi business; self-driving cars are going to change it even further. Example: electric cars will eliminate "gas-stations" are they currently exist--in another 20 years you may not even be able to BUY gasoline.
The correct way to grow the economy is to invest in the workers: educate them better, train them more, pay them more.
Women should be paid the same amount as men doing the same job. Men are not necessarily the primary breadwinners anymore. Men and women support themselves and their families.
The minimum wage should be raised incrementally to $15 per hour by 2021 for large corporations and employers with more than 50 employees by 2023. Working people can't survive on $7.25 per hour.
Republicans would allow minimum wage to be zero, and during an economic downturn that's where wages would go, leaving only the most desperate taking those jobs.
Beyond that, what IS an appropriate minimum wage? Republicans, and some kinds of businesses, would argue that it should be $0, that there should be no such thing. Those same groups like high unemployment, because it guarantees depressed wages, so that you should be glad to get paid anything at all.
Public servants like teachers, policemen and firefighters are professionals and should be paid as such. They are not public slaves.
Which teachers do you want teaching your kids, the best ones or the worst? The best will cost more.
I am against taking people's land away and destroying it just so foreign investors can reap billions in profits.
Despite what Republicans say, the ACA is working for many people. It's not working for people who are not eligible for subsidies. I support Medicare X, co-sponsored by Sen. Tim Kaine, that will bring the public option to the health care exchange. It's the first step toward Medicare For All.
I strongly oppose using public vouchers for private schools. In rural areas, this takes away precious money from already limited budgets and the best teachers. Plus, having a voucher doesn't guarantee admission to a private school...which means the children that are left behind will get a second-class education or none at all.
Unless one is Native American, we are all immigrants and descendants of immigrants. Our Commonwealth should be open and welcoming to all. These hard working families deserve safe places to live and raise their children without fear of deportation. Gov. Northam vetoed HB1257, the General Assembly Republicans' 2018 attempt to ban sanctuary cities. The House of Delegates failed to override the veto.
I will support existing or introduce new redistricting legislation that will establish a non-partisan commission to create fair districts in Virginia and remove the activity from legislators direct control. Politicians shouldn't be choosing their voters.
We support One Virginia's intentions, but at the same time believe it isn't going far enough. They propose a constitutional amendment that requires a non-partisan commission, which is the right approach. There should be legislation that goes with it should specify exactly what that commission's job is, lest the commission get bogged down in arguments.
There are several proposals we have read that can solve this.
Voting should be easy, not hard. Virginia should remove requirements for absentee voting and should allow the use of mailed ballots for anyone who wants or needs it. No one who is eligible to vote should be prevented in any way, even if they do not want to present at a polling station.
Virginia should have universal background checks and ban bump stocks. Domestic abusers and the mentally ill who are a danger to themselves and the community should not be allowed to own guns. If you have to be 21 years old to buy alcohol, you should be 21 years old to buy any type of firearm. There should also be a 3-day waiting period.
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